San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

was the first Asian-American mayor and a son of an immigrant who grew up in public housing in his childhood, graduating from UC Berkeley law school to pursue public service. He died of a heart attack this morning. I did not know him personally and whatever one’s political persuasion that is so divided today, I honor and respect his work in social justice balanced with economic growth. Whatever the criticisms, who would take up that job unless he wanted to make improvements – he cared. In this day and age, just having someone who is earnest and caring with well intention, be at our political helm…not someone who is crude and corrupt – his integrity in leadership was really enough – it was a blessing. He obviously had a lot of STRESS, and we all have a lot of stress if we are to live a meaningful life. Sometimes, we live so much in our head, just in our brains … yes, that is a command center but there is more … to our body, mind and spirit connection. Yoga invites you to discover those connections and then …gives us the technique to integrate, then balance out our nervous system and energies for overall health, including better cardiovascular health. Heart attack is … a breakdown of your heart function. What causes it?

I know this blog is about YOGA but it’s also about one person’s humble take on, just … LIFE and how to live more joyfully, fully in this given time, this lifetime. Also as a Yoga Therapist trainee, student, it is noted in my mind that had he practiced yoga – the right kind of yoga for his stage of life – regularly, he would have extended his life well over 65. I do really believe this.

Here’s a nice article from Harvard Medical that validates our practice. And as with any practice, we have to stick with it – do it regularly, repeatedly to really embody the intent and be in our body.

RIP Ed Lee …

Here’s another very good program to check into for your heart health. Dr. Dean Ornish’s kind of yoga you find in softer side of yoga. There’s no need to go extreme or intense – save that for your passions in life – exercise to pump up and increase the heart rate within the range deemed safe by your doctor and then … lower your heart rate and blood pressure for super detoxifying breathwork called PRANAYAMA. We all associate yoga with the physical Asana/poses – that’s the popular image. But Yoga is 8-fold, called 8 limbs of yoga – let’s practice all 8 to explore the possibilities for better health – It’s such a rich practice, it would be a shame to just stop at “asana” (physical poses) level when we can go beyond the physical: To go over …


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