New Moon over Snowfall

At Lake Tahoe… arriving very late Friday, walking on piles of snow, falling knee deep at times; waist deep at another time, as snow is starting to melt.

The evening was so dark without any visible moon – reminded that it’s New Moon evening.   As the dark night draped over the skies, the stars were shining bright wherever there were breaks in the seams of shifting fabric of clouds weaving and moving in the night sky.

The air is cold and fresh – cleansing while the body so stiff from 6 hours drive – most ideal time for yoga to stretch – no more stiffness, restoring flexibility to hit the slopes.

The following day, finding myself way up to … elevation of 8260 !  Thin air, really working your lungs to take in that precious oxygen.  It does a body good.

Glorious sun salutation!!

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