Cheesecake Vegan Chocolate Bars & Yoga book amidst the turmoil

On this Mother’s Day …

I profess the religion of love,

Love is my religion and my faith.

My mother is love.

My father is love.

My prophet is love.

My God is love.

I am a child of love

I have come only to speak of love.

– Rumi

One of our Niroga Yoga Therapist faculty’s book – Yoga is for healthy aging at any age:)

In honor of my mother, used my mother’s cheese cake recipe … it’s an old fashion recipe as it takes over 2 hours to bake these … low heat, sloooow baking for 2 hours. Joining the sloooow food movement whenever baking these fluffy not dense morsels oozing with rich goodness … best served with fresh berries:)

Relaxing after a big walk …

” All for Love” in your face !

Finding that Zen amidst the crazy week driving to Sacramento River and back to the Bay Area; & then to Marin and back to the Peninsula to teach that yoga class for self care to live with more ease, care and love 💗 that, our mothers have taught us. What did she teach me in do-ing rather than lecturing, that I am most grateful for ?

“Love is my religion and my faith.”

& that’s … enough.

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