Tensor Fascia Latae & IT band tightness

(turning into anatomy geek …)

SO … athletes often experience soreness or tightness in these regions… I suggest some nice woolen balls found at TJ’s to try Yoga Tuneup as shown by Jill Miller in her videos (found on utube) using these therapeutic balls; except woolen balls from TJ’s  (used as dryer balls to pick up lint off your clothes apparently) makes for perfect therapeutic balls – at less than half the cost.  It’s better than tennis balls or any other so-called “massage” balls out there – as it’s wool and soft and a little bigger which suits us just fine with folded blankets under the head:)   Better than foam rollers for more that trigger point acupressure  … way better than karate chops, really, as the sensation is steady.  These are temporary fixes, but routine therapeutic yoga for the long term addresses overall flexibility for better self-maintenance.  Normally I don’t suffer from pulled muscle, muscle inflammation or tear (because I do them right !) BUT last week inadvertently had 5 yoga classes to teach in 2 day period – out of the norm due to subbing 2 classes – which brought about this out of the norm pain in my _ _ _ _ … Lesson learned ?  Never demo without a warm-up:)

Besides Tiger Balm, China Gel … there’s bath salts – questions arises when to ice; when to heat – common question.  Ice when it’s fresh and new, acute inflamed hot injury which mine isn’t – for chronic aches or aches that’s past a day – a dull pulled muscle kind of pain or tightening or stiffness – heat.  In Japan, there would be nightly ritual of ofuro – or mineral rich onsen for the lucky ones.

Soak after a pretty rigorous yoga session is lovely …  to melt away any residual tightness or soreness … it’s all about self-care.  The sessions have allowed me to discover the need to balance the flexibility with strength in my own training.

Having been hyper-mobile, one needs to exercise care in modulating the movements and expanding the range of motion.  One breath at a time … listening to one’s body.

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