Zoom zoom zoom

Had just gotten off non-yoga related zoom conference to come across couple of invitations in inbox from yogis so ingenious offering array of yoga classes via zoom. Smart! Creative ! Ingenious !

Just what we needed to stay connected during this time sheltering at home.  For those classroom teachers and restaurateurs or whatever the case may be, all the sudden asked to run a home school, take provisions to those frail or 65+ home-bound family members, work from home amidst the chaos, or the case may be, sheer boredom from isolation and avoidance of social gatherings, wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual class to check into after sundown for some respite before turning in; or for those in need of exercise during the day, wouldn’t it be nice to still keep up the work out with your fitness teacher you routinely learned from.  Life goes on in this new-normal and so does your classes to add structure to your days in spite of all the unknowns.  In fact, all the more, perhaps you value what you took for granted before.

Considering myself to be relatively tech-savvy, still, not sure if I personally want that platform but totally support and advocate for those who are rolling with the changes.  Definitely a needed silver lining for all to be open to growth.  If the brick & motor space is no longer the choice or one-to-one privates for personalized customized yoga therapeutics is not possible for the immune system compromised, now there’s another choice – YES:)  Why not a virtual space to re-connect at times like this  … I see it can work well – you can see others and you have an option to be seen or not – so you can be in your pjs with your dog there and … it’s still a go! Lovely as an alternative medium for certain styles of yoga… Reiki energy also travels remotely so … again if there’s a will, I’d say, at this time or extraordinary time, where the ground seems to be shaking and shifting …  any and all is possible. (just keep 6 feet away, lol:)

Please support your local yoga teacher if she/he makes that effort to reach out:)  For now, here’s a dog pose for a very tired soul.  Hasn’t it be quite the week?  Happy to curl-up to my latest playlist.  Rest & Renew:)

Doga anyone?

Doga lesson:  One – Tomorrow is yet another new day; Two – Impermanence … Nothing is permanent … good or not so good moments, all will pass; Three – again, nothing lasts forever; Ultimately, this too shall pass when  ___ & ___ … these conditions are met. Yeah, it’s a quiz. Doga Quiz.  Answers to come.

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