Sunday evening Yoga Class … Surprisingly a good turnout for Oscar Night …no production or agenda, intuitively moving through the sequence with clear intention of my own, which is … a respite for all. We are so hard on ourselves and we want to self-improve but this is also part of that “quest” by way of getting out of ourselves to find ourselves.  Used to teach 90 minutes, not this 75 minutes and the comments are the same – the class went by so fast … it was over so fast … it’s what I needed but it went so fast.  I felt unkind getting the students back up to end the class as I know they could have easily stayed another 20 minutes for delicious Savasana.

Time … it’s a concept.  It can go fast or very very slow …

Deep dive release is a good way to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of TO DO LIST checkoffs Monday.  Gratitude … if you find to do list to be of value, add to that list this:

try making a gratitude list – just add one every night and see.



Adho Mukha Svanasana

Dog Pose … not all dog pose is a down-facing dog pose:)


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