The Pose Begins When You Want To Leave It !

– BKS Iyengar

Yes, the pose begins when you want to leave it.

We forget that Yoga asana practice is to rewire us to make us stronger, more resilient – cultivating equanimity so when we step off that mat, we are empathetic, compassionate but at the same time, resilient to the core.  For me, it’s more about increasing my flexibility so we can roll with whatever comes our way with more … GRACE.  So not hardening or becoming rigid is the key.  Still remaining pliable and receptive – How is that possible ?

To be fluid – liquidy and crystalline … going with the flow …thawing the ice, defrost into flowing spring water; bubbling at the brooks … traveling the winding sometimes treacherous sometimes beautiful routes to … the ocean.  To our original source – the vast expansive mysterious ocean that reflects the sky, the universe.

Mossbrae Falls … now in private hands?

Too beautiful to not share.  These photos did not capture it but there are rainbows dancing in the waterfalls … breathtaking not because it’s grand but rather, breathtaking because it’s so delicate … silky lacey water falls.



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