Late Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama

Who is this doctor?  Not a medical doctor but doctor of philosophy and a Shinto priest in Japan who passed away at age 89 couple of years ago … One of his books is a required teacher training text reading for Yin Yoga style founder (there’s also few others who founded this similar style), Paul Grilley who was Sarah Power’s teacher.  They are currently both considered the senior teachers in this style of yoga – and both Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers learned from Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama  … I always loved Insight Yoga teachings and Paul Grilley’s anatomy videos.  It’s a shift in perspective they invite into your yoga practice.

So one of the readings recommended to enroll in Paul Grilley’s teacher training is Awakening the Chakras and Emanipation by Dr. Motoyama … BUT it’s just not available on Amazon or elsewhere.  So the search led me to the above alternative book by the same author and eyes popping … it’s just not affordable at over $200 list price, and that, used paperback !!!

SOOOO I just realized I can get the books originally written in Japanese – so check the Japanese publication market and just read them in Japanese ! YES … how convenient. So the search confirmed, they have these books in Japan at an affordable price:)  So happy to find these books in original texts and cannot wait to read all about:  Chakras, Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  I can even fly over to Tokyo to pick them up – along with some learning to be had from my mother, a greatest healer of all by demonstrating with each breath she takes, how to recover from life’s tough lessons and obstacles.

“Secrets of Yoga” ?

“Awakening Chakras & Consciousness” ?

And as I was chasing after his books, I found this gem of a blog – here – I love reading her blog – LOVE her recipes YUMMY and if I lived in her community, for sure, I would be at her yoga class !  In fact, does she have the book I am searching for, lol:) And she’d definitely be on my potluck list ! A great chef is a gift.  Great food enlivens our prana and leads to recovery of a sunken heart.


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