It’s circle time

Lessons Let’s break it down … steps first then … add the arms and then… make circles arms held or pinkie fingers hooked – interesting.

Sitting out during complicated steps with arm movements that are off rhythm. Yes I feel dizzy from sleep deprivation meeting deadlines yet no excuses- No doubt this is so good for our brain when left and right moves unexpectedly. These ladies claim to be newbies but … really?

Fast learners here in Berkeley hills Britany folk music dance class – first ever and a great turnout co-organized by a friend who loves their language and culture. She insisted I come … so here I feel the good vibe sweet energy in circle with girls and gents. Then the dancers find those yummy French crepes during breaks:)

If you can yoga of course you can dance. Let’s get back in the circle and connect with others. Reconnect with your inner child and move to the music of this … blaring music (ear plugs provided – thank you).

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