Ichigo Ichie – the last workshop

Yoga Therapeutics with Harvey ! Finally attending the very first and the last monthly workshop …

Been going to Harvey’s sessions last 2 years on and off – initially prompted because one of the peers I respected was attending to fulfill some of the requirements for a certification  … and been going religiously for the last month or two having heard that he’s taking time off from regular weekly teaching … He also offered once a month, “Take the Afternoon Off” workshops Wednesdays which I had never attended because … well, it’s Wednesday and who can afford to take the afternoon off, right?  Yet, with the announcement of his impending departure, I made the effort and finally … there I was. What a treat to get a way mid-week, mid-day … I have to count my blessings:)

So mats are practically on top of each other’s, students packed and crammed into what’s usually a very large space.  It’s always a well-attended class but this time, maybe 100 packed into the studio room …We all knowingly made space for each other  and the props.  All of us, probably just like me, showing up because it’s the last one of these he’s teaching.  What is most appealing about his classes … is that sense of support, comfort and safety while being challenged.  The sense of release you get when you can really trust the teacher in his knowledge over the human body and how to best apply the yoga techniques. Afterall he’s a practicing physical therapist who no doubt has seen all failings of broken human body … and fixed a few to witness their recovery.

All standing poses, the Ukatasana, the Triangle … all felt soooo good because it’s done correctly, starting out with the tadasana and forward folds, backbends, without torquing the body to fit that magazine cover image you have painted in your mind.  Really loved how he teaches step by step with much care so you are fully engaged and not going to that auto-pilot place. Each pose is built in a sequence to prepare one’s body for the next pose – it’s not just dive in and get hurt crazy competitive yoga. In that sense – the attention to details – is similar to Iyengar style BUT different in that it’s not so mechanical and engineered. And sense of humor definitely helps.

After 3 hours of yoga … Savasana never felt so good.  Lightness, the Ease, Clarity and Alertness with the sense of peace – after a good yoga practice –  CHECKED! – it’s all there.

His presence and his classes will be missed… as some tears of wistful goodbyes were shed when we applauded after the end of the class.  A teacher/yogi with over 35 years of experience is an irreplaceable gem … not easily found still teaching regularly in the yoga world… and we all know it.  Good luck to the two junior teachers stepping in to his slots … what a shoe to fill.  But life is about impermanence and we learn to celebrate these events.  Gratitude for the opportunity to learn from one of the best. I have been blessed with so many excellent teachers – still digesting all the teachings to make it my own:)  It’s coming. I can feel things jelling, taking form and shape, thanks to the savasana I had given myself the permission to embody – I had been depriving myself that reward, so busy, providing for others what I find so nourishing.




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