Re-connecting with my Inner-Child:)

*No worries – modifications and other asanas for alternatives are always available; there’s always GENTLE & KINDER paths to get to the same destination.  Yoga can be adapted for every body. Every condition. Every season of our lives – In fact, one can bypass all asanas(physical poses) and delve into the heart and soul and the ultimate intention of yoga – which is to take body and mind to a place where we are centered, conscious/awake and at ease.  Meditation practice to cleanse and purify our mind to enter into state of bliss …  that is the ultimate purpose, call it the intention, of yoga designed and evolved over thousands of years.

(adjust for hyper-extension tendencies of the elbows … to protect the shoulder girdles; compensate for lack of upper body strength or … hold bridge pose … for a safe practice:)

Yes !  My back is restored – no pain, no pain – lots to gain – heart center opened to progress up and forward not looking back – no fear WHEN approached with INTELLIGENCE.  My spine health restored thanks to Yoga for Back Care – to be further inspired, assisting Baxter Bell MD, my former Yoga Therapy Teacher Training faculty teacher for Anatomy and Sports Medicine modules.  Always honored to assist highly skilled and intelligent teachers who allow me to learn by assisting.  In gratitude for my restored back to get back to regain my full practice.  In deep gratitude to amazing teachers and yoga therapists we are lucky to have locally.

(btw, balancing on this tree trunk was rather … challenging due to the arch and rough nature of tree balk texture  … but … it’s work to reconnect with my inner-child while looking towards the future with hope and dreams. There’s so much going on in this pose – not recommended for the evening practice as it may be too stimulating.  But it may be just what’s needed for someone feeling a bit blue … a bit low.  No worries – there are also gentle ways to get to this same effect  – a restorative yoga way is super gentle and the effect, the end-result nearly the same or in a way, better –  it’s all lovely – love all modifications …)

Modifications & Prep work to get to Upward Bow (WheelPose, coming up.






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