Public & Private

There’s a big public bath house where photo taking is not allowed – then, there’s this private hot spring in this room adjacent to the tatami room.

Healthy breakfast of local fruits (berries and melons) and imported fruits (pineapple from Philippines) topping plain locally made yogurt, sprinkled with local raw honey and … KINAKO – soy powder often used in desserts in Japan.

Traditional Japanese Breakfast of Miso soup, sea and land vegetables pickles and seasoned in traditional methods … missing is Natto – the fermented soy beans that disappeared very fast from the buffet table.

More breakfast veggies

Locally dried raisins made from Kyoho grapes + decadence of pastries from locally famed bakery, Asanoya … all petit sizes so you can enjoy the variety – cinnamon danish topped with strawberry, chocolate blueberry toast, and matcha muffin.

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