Experimenting with Props

Hanging from the sturdy Yoga Wall (@ Yoga Health Center with Jason Cull, Yoga Therapist, yoga teacher training I & II levels- something like 20 hrs.) allows us to feel soooo good ! Release in the shoulders which you never get in the usual inversions – relief for the whole back – stretch of hamstrings and Achilles then … all good effects of an inversion … without the risks of harm to shoulders and neck  … just enjoy the brain cleanse !

Yes, while headstands and handstands look awesome, there are some contraindications and even dangers associated with those poses, if done incorrectly or done by those who probably best not.  There are two carotid arteries moving through the neck to bring oxygen from the heart/body to the brain – Neck region is a major thorough-way so be prudent whenever you exert pressure/weight by loading in a certain way that affects the cervical spine – sure, we don’t fear falling but … it’s more about how stacked your spinal column from top to bottom will be and how that’s support by your core muscles and skeletal balance – so …exercise caution people especially if you suffer from high blood pressure, glaucoma or some eyes/neck related issues.

With this Yoga Wall – some of aforementioned concerns and risks are minimized  – breathe easy 🙂

Finding pelvic freedom … with support.

See the head placement in mid-air – without block;

then observe the triangle pose with block – chin centered and leveled.  Which so you think is better for you? Do you notice the subtle difference?  A lot of things that makes a world of difference is … subtle. Sharpening our sensory system so we can actually take notice … it’s the Princess, it’s the noble royals who with refined sensitivity notice and feel that little tiny pea under the mattress – as fairy tales are told.  When you have sharpened sensitivities and an ability to zoom in, one-pointed focus, tune in, a whole world opens up to more abundance. The dull fuzzy feelings of a … sloth … make way to crisp, fresh clarity.  Precision and that subtle intuition … give way to stability and ease … to sense of calm strength.  A place of no agitation; angst … fear.

With sandbag – with and without blocks

Going a little deeper with support … yummy.  Sandbag placement … by the esteemed teacher as she watches my alignment and weight distribution for … safety.

Experienced teachers look out for students’ … first and foremost. As Matsy Ezraty once said in a workshop, best teachers may not necessarily be popular but they know what’s best for the students and not caught up by ego and insecurities in measuring self-worth through headcounts. Each person entering the practice room is not a dollar sign but a spirit, another soul, a light, with its own story, and is here to be seen and honored.

Their concern is safety and ease while challenging the students to always find the better versions of themselves – they are concerned with creating that safe sacred space built on trust.

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