Over 51 Million views …

Porter Robinson & Madeon collaborates with Japanese anime production house to produce this wonder.

It’s an old video … from 2016. But a little fitting today while the story is far fetched Sci-Fi. Talk about isolation to the max … the story line is heartbreaking Japanese anime or be it real today. Self-quarantine? Shelter at HOME – yeah, HOME! How lucky we are. We are not at war-zone; we are not shipped off to out of space; our earthship is still intact and beautiful. We are still fortunate. We can connect with others; we are not alone. We are still all on this planet. Temporarily apart but Together.


You asked what’s on my “BeatCovid-19byKpray”. This is one of 20 so far.

If you are lucky enough “to get to” … stay home,

Stay home; save lives.


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