Mame Shiba Inu in Tokyo

On the topic of stress management as I commute to St Luke’s International Hospital. My aunt died at the hospice here but there’s nothing depressing about this place. There’s are babies being delivered in there obstetrics ward while at oncology department beds are readied for chemotherapy and radiation.  

We make our way to their chapel with beautiful stained glass windows. Sometimes we can only:

  • Pray 
  • Find a meditation practice
  • Some call it Mindfulness practice
  • To me, above are all YOGA made accessible to all people. 
  • Find a puppy to care 
  • In my case a mame= bean mini size Shiba inu puppy. 
  • Shiba sounds like Shiva, our higher consciousness … with Shakti, the energy, a transformative power is unleashed where there’s bliss and wisdom. 

There’s many ways people cope with stress.  Yoga works to keep you healthy and happy in spite of it all.  Namaste:)

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