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Boys’ Voices

Boys’ voices undergo a change from about age 13 – it’s does not occur overnight but over time during puberty- in other words, it’s a process that coincides with becoming a teenager (gasp).  Their singing voice may all the sudden dry up, there will be fits and starts… their voice may crack…fade as it progressively becomes… lower… like … men’s.  If you do not sing, it’s subtle or gradual but if you sing… you are quite aware of the change that is inevitable. You may dread it; you may welcome it.

We don’t think about this but children’s voices, especially boys’ voices change so much, adults around them sometimes really miss that voice which represented that boy and his childhood… that of innocence, limitless exuberance… their voices were like angel’s.  It is a form of “loss” as we realize how we were attached to that angelic voice and took it for granted.  That voice is lost and it never comes back. It sounds dramatic but (nothing is dramatic in teen’s life) there’s a small “death” and then… “rebirth”.  When they start losing that “voice” that hits those angelic high notes, the boys themselves FEEL the loss of that ability to hit those high notes and feels the diminished “range” … and realize they cannot audition for those solo parts that used to come so easily…  Being boys, they may not be able to express how that feels.  They may turn on the “Falsetto” whenever those now unattainable notes are demanded of them.  Then their voices transform themselves into one of  Bass, Baritone or Tenor…Until their new voices develop, there’s an adjustment period that may be awkward or stressful or neither…  Some may even quit the choir, some may not care or be unaware (how’s that possible?); but with proper guidance, they go on to develop deeper, beautiful voices of men.

When it comes to boys’ choir, on an international level, Vienna Boys Choir (wonder if those angels are “retired” at age 13) comes to mind but in San Francisco Bay Area, there are many choirs in which Ragazzi Boys Choir, in particular stands out. Their UTube footages are minimal and not done with commercial purpose in mind so… not the best recorded sound quality (if only they had Libera’s sound/visual’s pros – and nothing like a Anglican cathedral acoustics!) so better catch them live or with their CDs… And speaking of boys choirs on UTube, here’s a group closest to Ragazzi I think…

Close your eyes and listen.  The value of this singing is made even greater when you realize that none of these boys on this video is probably able to sing like this anymore as their voices surely changed.  That’s the impermanent nature of life we talk about in Buddhist teachings.  Nothing is permanent and we all experience “loss” in our lives.  Loss of “that” voice, Loss of youth, loss of innocence, loss of health, loss of life – then we gain, gain wisdom, gain knowledge, gain perspectives, gain depth and …connections – there’s ageless timeless renewal and rebirth… That’s why we have to treasure the present and live in the present.  As well said, “In the Moment”. Today, here and now is so precious…Blink an eye and boys have transformed, from boys to men.  Poof, it’s like magic. Be Present.



Certified in Restorative Yoga Teaching

Certification from Judith is something I am so proud of because I believe in her work and her teachings. So many people will benefit if we spread her teachings- in fact, many lives can be transformed if her practice is incorporated into everyday life.  Completing the Advanced level Teacher Training is also a cherished experience.  I do still have to turn in a final project for the advance level… SO… I am stressed so all the more I need to put myself into restorative yoga mode.

We have a hypothesis we want to prove – that restorative yoga will actually change your life. Its a delicious, luscious method. Restorative Yoga postures are held for measured length of time to facilitate a gentle releasing of the muscles in your body.  The long held poses are sequenced to invite the body to release any tensions and allowing the mind and heart to feel the richness and wholeness of our being.  As the practice unfolds,  circulatory and respiratory and emotional blockages are cleared and the integration of yoga’s benefits at all levels take place.

Restorative Yoga cultivates the strength in you to fully feel without fear- to come to this sense of acceptance of the eternal truth – that silence can indeed be golden (while scary at first) as you learn to tune in and listen to your inner voice. Students will learn certain breath work that relaxes and mindful movements that quiets into stillness which ultimately aims to lower the heart rate and blood pressure as well as recognize and heal from unproductive thought patterns that prevents you to be 100% authentic and engaged with this gift of life.  Yoga props are used to support you in each restorative posture enabling your muscles to take a vacation.  Yes, so that your muscles are no longer engaged and you are able to thoroughly release, relax… and ultimately renew.  Some say that after each practice, there’s a feeling of rebirth from within.

Honestly, this practice serves as a core to anyone’s self-care regimen as well as a complement to a more firey sweaty practice that engages the muscles, gets the heart pumping – both are good and both are needed.  If that engaged muscles of power is a “yang” practice, restorative yoga is the complete opposite- beyond “yin” as it’s about completely switching an “off” button rather than stimulating your nerves through any kind of muscle engagement or stretching.  It’s cooling lunar practice (thus the blankies and warm rooms) as you cocoon.  In fact, there’s little stretching – but more release, release, and release. 60 minutes of pampering that you deserve. It’s a complement to any practice for the ultimate goal of yoga, i.e., we want to be awake, aware and alive!  We want to just feel GOOD.  Detox and wash out any negative thoughts that have internalized within you over time.  Release & Feel the freedom, lightness, and the open space.

Contact to inquire:)  Let’s breathe with your own rhythm, feel yourself wrapped in your private cocoon but connected, no, no, not to Wi-Fi but better connected …holding intention specific yoga poses targeted to loosen up your nervous system.  Your muscles turn to jello and your mind… your brain waves smoothed out and your bumpy flight rides through the turbulence.  Let’s get the monkeys in your mind to quiet down – stop that chattering – you can’t hear yourself.  shhhhh… hear your heart beat, hear your breath, hear the blood flow, sense the flow of thoughts like ripples dissipating and your mind turn quiet like a still lake … yes, you can. With no fear. There’s comfort and relief; There’s peace and ease.  It’s safe here because… there’s… no… judgement…

“Silence gives answers” – Rumi

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Larry Ellison, America’s Cup & Japanese Art… connection?

Japanese Art from The Larry Ellison Collection – beautiful. Was able to catch the last day of this exhibit at Asian Art Museum last Sunday.

Was mistaken for Kyoto temple but apparently this is his house… no, not in Kyoto but in Woodside, California…According to Forbes, Ellison built  “23-acre Japanese-style estate in 2004 with 10 buildings, a man made lake, a tea house, a bath house and a koi pond. The property is currently assessed at just over $70 million.”  Actual Kyoto shrines and temples are priceless but this is ???   I am speechless and don’t know what to make of it …

IMG_4111 IMG_4109 IMG_4105

“Inspired by Japanese gardens, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison started collecting Japanese art 20 years ago. Enjoy a rare public viewing of his collection, and explore the dynamic nature of art selection and display of traditional Japanese setting.” Now inspired, will be dusting off the scrolls and unroll (why do I visualize yoga mats?) for display … arranging flowers and hope to invite a friend who knows “SADOU” – the way of ceremonial tea time… foam like light green clouds on the surface after she whips the MACCHA with fine bamboo wisk- green tea the way it should be prepared and served.  Have also made my own version of “moon cake” for the next full moon viewing.

Ellison is in the news for other reasons these days.
America’s Cup goes into a winner-takes-all final race TODAY!

America’s Cup 2013 results
Race 18: Oracle Team USA win by 54 secs
Race 17: Oracle Team USA win by 27 secs
Race 16: Oracle Team USA win by 33 secs
Race 15: Oracle Team USA win by 37 secs
Race 14: Oracle Team USA win by 23 secs
Race 13: Oracle Team USA win by 84 secs
Race 12: Oracle Team USA win by 31 secs
Race 11: Team New Zealand win by 15s
Race 10: Team New Zealand win by 17s
Race 9: Oracle Team USA win by 47 secs
Race 8: Oracle Team USA win by 52 secs
Race 7: Team New Zealand win by 66 secs
Race 6: Team New Zealand win by 47 secs
Race 5: Team New Zealand win by 65 secs
Race 4: Oracle Team USA win by 8 secs
Race 3: Team New Zealand win by 28 secs
Race 2: Team New Zealand win by 52 secs
Race 1: Team New Zealand win by 36 secs
*Oracle penalised two points pre-regatta

As with so many sports as in water polo, “seconds” determining the game, we are in the world of “seconds” determining the race.

Living in the moment, you live your life to the fullest. Athletes must live that life.  And so does yogis and they are not mutually exclusive:)

Seemingly unrelated, unconnected facets of one man – but connected in that it’s all about being “in the moment”.  What practice helps you with that?