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Wag More Bark Less – The Story

A dog-owner friend noticed my bumper sticker and asked where I got it from. If you click on the image at the bottom left, you will have further details on how to get it online. The ones shown here are stickers that comes in several color combos.

Speaking of pets and pet related cute items, I was in a pet store yesterday and saw a sticker that said “I don’t need therapy I have a dog”. Upon seeing it, I had to chuckle. So maybe all I need is a dog? Had I known! I reached for the sticker and then stopped myself – wait, I don’t have a dog anymore! Our dog died couple of years ago and we are still pining away for him. In fact, in his honor, I gave my blog the title of “Wag More Bark Less”! “Wag More Bark Less” reflects my sentiment these days – why waste your energy on yukky emotion of anger and fear with tears. Why not use the energy to wag your tail with a yummy emotion of joy? So I visualize a dog wagging her tail as I get into downward and then upward dog:)

I personally like the magnet over the sticker as the magnet peels right off and does not leave any mark on the car, thus, not reducing its resale value. Personally, the resale value would go up if I were getting a car that came with such a lovely message – Wag More Bark Less – but then, that’s just me.

Enjoy – yes, and I will honk if I see it on your bumper.

Oh, as far as cute pet related items, I provide the link for this cute Doggie Yoga Pose calendar that hangs in one of my favorite yoga studios’ wall here in the Bay Area – just jump, hop and a skip away from San Francisco Airport. Already we are in the month of April so maybe these calendars are on sale by now. Click on the bottom center image for further details. Enjoy !

Beautiful People Yoga

Maty Ezraty Workshop

So so much to take away from this workshop. She is a true yogini. She is a natural beauty who speaks with clarity and intelligence. She is a truely dedicated yogini with real life teachings to impart, very modest but with so much strength tempered with gentle sweetness about her. Who cares what “yoga wear” she wears. It doesn’t matter. Anything will look divine on her body of perfection as we all see divinity in her. She’s like this divine earth mother. Even though she’s the founder of LA’s YogaWorks, absolutely no air, no fake LA glitter about her – so authentic. Just true aura, a natural radiance of someone who teaches what she practices. It was funny she described herself as more a “Earth Mama” whereas another renowned yogi as being out there in space (lovingly). Her sense of humor is precious and more than anything, what she imparted was so valuable.

While she is teaching these advance poses that I get so frustrated with – so caught up in “can’t get it right”angst mode. I know it but was reminded by her:

1. Yoga is not about the pose – if it becomes about the pose then you are not doing yoga anymore.
2. You take it as far as you need. If you don’t need to, don’t go any further.
3. Let the fruit ripen. Do not pick what needs to ripen on the vine. Great analogy – “you’re making a smoothie and the darn papaya is not ripe. You wouldn’t take that green papaya and cut it open, would ya? The darn thing is not ripe – you can’t make that smoothie and if you do, it’s not going to taste any good and then you also ruined the possibility of a yummy papaya smoothie in the future. So let the fruit ripen.”

So going forth, my mantra might be “let the fruit ripen”!

To quote:

Practicing yoga is a privilege. With privilege comes duty. Duty to be kind to self and others and to approach Yoga with reverence.

We all walked out from her workshop with a shining heart and smile on our face.
Thank you for teaching Maty. You are gifted or shall we say, you are the gift.
I am filled with gratitude that I got to go to this workshop despite the fact that my “smoothie” is no where near ready to drink:)

Realized she’s going to be in Hiroo, Tokyo in May. Her workshop are Highly recommended for anyone on the yogic path. You will learn SO much !!! Teachers’ Teachers’ Teacher to be sure. A Guruji. A twinkle in her eyes tells you that all, whatever your “level”, are welcome but it’s going to be tough. Must be a pretty serious student of yoga – Probably more for instructors who really want to learn from one of the best *first generation” of West’s best yoga teachers.

* Judith Lasater mentioned how she and other teachers from her generation had the privilege to learn directly from revered teachers/gurus in the legendary likes of B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and T.K. V. Desikachar and T. Krisnamacharya. What she and her generation of Western teachers learned directly from these great masters, they tried to pass it on in the West. So now her early students are teachers themselves, the second generation, and teaching the third generation – she calls her grandchildren. Guess as far as Yoga landing in US, we are seeing the passing of the torch from the first landing to second and onto third generation. What a hopeful development we are seeing in front of our eyes.

More we surround ourselves with high technology, buzzed with social media and hyper networks to be connected, we seem to get disconnected to ourselves. More information we have, more we seem to get lost and in search of a better GPS to navigate ourselves out of the confusion and the stress from the overload – We just want to curl up and go back to the simpler times – just want to revert back to rediscovering the wisdom of the yogis and mystics from the ancient times. Now why is that? Why is Yoga so popular? Because. Yoga Works!. Thank you for bringing that to the forefront Maty.

Beautiful Things

Vintage Jewelry Finds #1

costume jewelry



******これって御祓いみたい…OHARAI RITUAL***Japanese Style Ritual My Way***
These vintage costume jewelry finds came from an Estate Sale that took place right across the street. A 96-year old across the street neighbor passed away and her belongings were put up for sale. While I used to find estate sale distasteful especially if you had any personal ties to the deceased, I decided to take a peek with no intention of acquiring anything. A huge line had formed even before the opening – there were still people busily milling about when I finally decided to step in in the afternoon expecting to see little, having only known the deceased in her later years, hardly ever fashionable.

Much to my amazement, there were so many jewelry pieces, still left in the large display cases… I was shocked. I had never seen her with any of the jewelry before my eyes. In fact, I never saw her with any piece of jewelry, at least not anything that left any impression on me. But there it was – items after items of costume jewelry in these large display cases… and a huge crowd pushing and shoving to get a piece of it to try on.

People die and their material belongings remain in this world but not their body and mind – what’s left of them is just the memory that they existed for those who care to remember. It is surreal and yet so real.

For some reason, I could not try them on without really really having a ritual of them – I took these pieces, soaked them in alcohol, patted them dry, sprayed them with rose water, pretending it to be sacred water I used to get from the church, blessed them with prayers to honor what the dead had left behind and as if to purify the possessive grips the deceased may still have on the material goods she left behind – a thought occurred to me – maybe she would have wanted to take these along with her on her journey? No, where’s she’s at, she no longer needs any adornment to be beautiful. Her spirit, the soul is radiant and imbued with eternal beauty that has gone home to be with her family, friends and ancestors. Still, not knowing, this Japanese Oharai ritual my way, allowed me to feel at ease to take possession of these pretty objects left behind by its former owner. Finally after the” Oharai” ritual, tried on just the blue floral earrings – Wow, only to be met by so many compliments of ouuu’s and ahhh’s – on how beautiful they are …Vintage earrings …Call them Mad Men romantic vintage style! they just don’t make them like these anymore.

With my piqued curiosity, found these Vintage Costume Jewelry Collectors’ books. Would love to find out more about these jewelry – Where were they made? Who designed them? Are they from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s? Leafing through the pages of the texts to find out more. These books are chock full of designs from the yester-years. Sigh…such a throw back. For me, they are something to just look at or to be passed down to young ladies with particular appreciation for vintage accessories.

Amazon has these books for further study for those of us into collecting, designing or just plain curious about costume jewelry from the bygone era.