Paying Back

For the coverage during my absence – gladly subbed Vinyasa Flow 90 minutes last night.  I had been avoiding teaching vinyasa classes over 60 minutes because, it’s a more vigorous practice that I wanted to keep for myself to practice in the mornings as a form of endorphin producing exercise.  But to teach it on especially regular basis, I knew I would, then,  have no time for my own practice.  Sure, many instructors are teaching to have their own practice but having realized that’s not fair to the students, teaching is not your own practice.    Recently though, something in me has changed. Call it better managed energy level and a boost; call it confidence at a much deeper level, more than the sequence blue prints for most vinyasa, room for flexibility and creativity to customize, call it, loving the practice both active and quiet and wanting to be well rounded in teaching as much as I am in my own practice. That.

I attribute that change to my prolonged discipline and practice to manage my own energy quality and quantity.  Now I feel a renewed interest to up my routine to add some more spice of yang.  I ask myself – Was it worth expending my energy, effort and time?  Instead of conserving my energy and preserving what I consider dear – precious time and limited energy – I thought I should balance out my teaching to teach some yang/solar classes and so … it was fun:)

There was a young couple among the students who seemed soooo engaged but challenged during the class, I had to check in with them after class to make sure they were … alright.  It turned out, they were coming out of yoga hiatus being new parents, for the first time, leaving behind a 18 months old son at home to come to this particular class.  It’s that kind of story that makes what I do worthwhile – it was a special class for this couple and I felt all the more honored to have been given the opportunity to bring about a positive experience.  Ushering in the new year, new parents are on the mat, breathing together, with renewed resolve to take care of themselves better because they realize that … to care for others best, we need to care for ourselves.

Glad to be of service sharing my practice of Vinyasa Flow based on intelligent, mindful sequencing and modified for practitioner’s individual needs.  There appeared to be around 20 in class and in observing each, it was clear each had unique needs divergent from others – but with the common intention – of self- care; self- improvement so that off the mat, we can each shine and be the best version of ourselves.

Thanks for the immediate opportunity upon return to this US of A soil  !  Looking forward to more earthy well grounded practice as we head into this weekend of Full Moon Eclipse.

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