Goma Goma Goma Latte in Tokyo then back in the USA – Subbing yet another class

& this time, covering Restorative Yoga class, a style of yoga I taught for few years upon realizing that I needed it the most having stumbled upon it at Yoga Journal Conference when they used to hold one annually in San Francisco.  So it was one of those effortless class planning where there was no … planning … letting things just unfold given the past experience where actually did have a class plan for each session … I was such a yoga-nerd back then ! Today – it’s free flow.

So just wanted to share here that if you are trying to lose weight, supplement your workouts with some … quiet yin & restorative practice.

After the holiday season, many may have resolved to go on a diet or workout more in order to lose that 5 – 10 lbs from the holiday season excesses … and what’s counter-intuitive is that yoga practices such as Restorative and Yin, the so-called “quiet” practice is what produces the real weight loss results per Harvard Medical study.  See HERE – yes, it’s true.

While we want to exercise to strengthen our muscles, improve our balance and cardio for heart health, lift moods – that endorphin rush – yeah? – and such, it’s not about just burning calories and restricting and depriving ourselves sugar and carbs that prompts our body to shed pounds.  Us humans tend to be complex – yes, we are more complicated – it’s not a simple formula.  That is why a mind-body-spirit practices such as YOGA is so beneficial for our overall health.

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