Ketogenic Menu Plan being Pescatarian

Exploring ways to be on Keto diet while staying Pescatarian …Keto is diversely the opposite of Macrobiotic foods – but are they really total opposites? Let us explore…

Can you be on a Ketogenic “Diet” when you are avoiding animal meat and is a Pescatarian?  YES !   But important that it be just 3-4 weeks max and then modulate back to wise well balanced meal plan, slowly re-introducing healthy carbs.  Trying out something new for my body lab – Minus 3 lbs in a week to see when I will hit the plateau then I will heed the body’s message to go slow and easy.  Finding that equilibrium state where you have energy, but not in anyway hyper, strained or too revved up and agitated state of exercise euphoria.

Gradual weight loss each week of two pounds with gentle yoga + meditation, 30 min daily cardio and quality sleep.  No crash diets … is it really possible?

Will record the journey:) with some photos to follow  … baking some protein packed energy bars to prepare for the upcoming action packed week 🙂

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