Thank Goodness for Friends

Who really know how to cook and bake !

Who brought the salad – Delicious ! Thank you K !

& the desserts !  Wow, beautiful strawberry cheesecake tart & OMG my fav, Tiramisu.

Thank you, Lovely F & Chic as always M:)

Crazy actual Christmas Day dinner was yes, that Chinese as Christmas host sadly treated at ICU. Maybe not the traditional Christmas dinner initially planned … but grateful for the company … anything tastes good after waiting for hours at ICU and met with relatively good news – a relief sets off the hunger pangs. We are human.

Reasons people hit the gym in January?

Trip to Fentons as now an out-of-towner, really really craved their sandwich and milkshakes … oh, and Onion Rings. What indulgences. 

Making Chirashi sushi American style …

Bakers in the family are nice to have … convinced with this light and flakey rolls … Thank you R – you are a talented baker ! I mean, who bakes these from scratch these days?  Warm and Fresh out of the oven … they are irresistible.

Gratitude … in spite of missing some people I hold dear to my heart, we remained PRESENT and in the NOW to share and connect … ah, yes, food helps, lol:)


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