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Chef Toshio Tanahashi

is here from Kyoto to teach a class on 精進料理…SHOJIN cuisine.  Shojin cooking translates to “Devotional” cuisine which is at the foundation of Japanese cuisine.   Mr. Toshio Tanahashi, a well known star chef heralded from Kyoto will be giving private and public classes. His home page will profile this much celebrated chef who has devoted his life pursuing this art of Japanese cuisine – it’s not your typical idea of Japanese cooking – No, it’s not sushi, teriyaki and tempura…which in authentic Japanese cuisine would be considered more of convenience or fast foods.

Shojin cuisine is prepared at Zen temples and monastaries by and for the monks and consists of no meat, no fish, no dairy… not even honey – no living creature harmed in process of giving you the essential nourishment to live on … to thrive on …pure vegetarian cuisine but also unique and special from other vegetarian cuisine due to its little reliance on use of oil and little spices while still enjoying a burst of flavor.  What then does its flavoring depend on?  You will know when you eat it – amazing umamii – all natural source.  Beautiful presentation is so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes… little delicate plates and bowls hand made by ceramic artists, bowls and trays of lacquer… honoring the divine within us with the healthy foods we feed our body as offerings.  It would seem nearly impossible to adhere to such Shojin style cuisine but he will bring that world to the everyday households by teaching not monks but us ordinary folks.

What is Shojin cuisine?  This article may help you realize that it’s a whole art-form of food preparation by and for the Buddhist monks that’s been passed down for centuries. Buddhist monks are sworn to non-harm, non-violence which we who study yoga will relate very well to – it’s the whole concept of Ahimsa… that is the concept at the heart of Shojin cuisine.

Photos will follow … sure to be a “ichigo- ichie” experience…


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macrobiotic cooking class

I had the pleasure of learning from one of the best Macrobiotic Cooking teachers in Silicon Valley past year.  Fumi Arao sensei’s cooking class is fully participatory and the best part is… yes, sharing this delicious lunch we made together with lovely and most gracious Japanese ladies gathered there.  After a lunch like this, you truly feel healthy – no animal fat or meat, no dairy, no gluten … and YES to umami, yes, DELICIOUS!

Now if I can only eat like this everyday at home… that is my goal for this new year.  Healthy diet – more veggies.  I feel my body is screaming from the toxins – with macrobiotic diet, you feel truly detoxed and energized.  Thank you Arao sensei !








Healthy Food

Foodie’s Detox Holiday Luncheon Japanese Style

Holiday luncheon hosted by a local Japanese cooking teacher was just so amazing. Amazing in that as stuffed as you are, you feel good NOT guilty about stuffing yourself with this quality food. Normally after stuffing yourself, how do you feel?  Fat and sick? You may suffer from various not-so-good feelings normally when you over-eat.  Not with this food with its detox benefits in mind. Her cooking really brings home the idea “Food as Medicine” . Fresh ingredients are locally sourced and organic; other less known ingredients with health benefits were imported from western/southern regions of Japan.

Here’s the link with few of the dishes served but will try to translate onto this site in the near future…

Among many dishes, one and only dessert she served appealed to me especially because there’s no place you can find this kind of healthier version of a traditional sweets anywhere in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley  – typical oshiruko is a very sweet red bean soup that has a mochi, fluffy white sweet rice dumpling floating in the bowl.

Oshiruko, when done right has sweetness that’s subtle and not over-powering.  It is a dessert dish you don’t have to feel badly about upon eating but rather, feel healthier, stronger and energized from it with no worries over counting calories.  You eat this dish slowly as it’s served hot – thus, it feels you up s l o w l y… Guilt-free!  Indeed, this dessert is so good for you.   Like this dessert dish, each and every dish she served had significant health benefits.  The most convincing proof ?

I feel GOOD … no, No, NO

I feel GREAT!