Full Moon Sunday

Guiding a practice of Moon Salutation to start each class – starting tonight and throughout the entire week.  This is to mark a subtle shift in our consciousness this week to honor the divine feminine within, mother earth that grounds us and the blessed motherly love and care all around in this Universe !

Look up at the night sky and feel the lunar energy.  Capture some of that shimmering translucent lightness to carry you throughout the week – the steps are lighter, our minds no longer dull or overly heated, the hearts no longer heavy but lighter, our shoulders … burdens lifted, yielding our whole being a bit lighter, and our breath, that breath … satisfyingly light as feather, fluid and effervescent… natural and effortless.

I am offering a heartfelt prayer –  for the mountain fires, the hot heat to subside and may the lunar energy give us all cooling refreshing relief so needed for balance and clarity.

I am recalling a yoga teacher mother and daughter pair at the teacher training Judith H. Lasater’s taught five years ago   – when the participants each stood up to briefly introduce ourselves, the daughter stood up to introduce herself as a yoga teacher teaching a group of firefighters … her husband being a firefighter, she just happened to start teaching them … and years flew by apparently.  She said her first yoga teacher was the mother in law – and they had shown up together to this training – it was so joyful to see them that I still remember  them.  I thought of her and I thought of all the firefighters and  the level of courage they muster each day to fight all these hot spots in Northern California.  Gratitude for those who saves forests, mountains and many many lives.

Here’s the California Fire information:  5-6 hot spots surrounds this rugged beauty … it’s still pristine but depending on the winds, the air quality is affected.  All over,  over 10,000 firefighters are on hand to battle and manage the fires.  Luckily Mt. Shasta is still an oasis as a local eatery advised that if we just drive up the mountain from altitude 4000 (the town of Mt. Shasta) towards the peak of 9000 ft, after about 10-15 minutes drive, we will come to a place of clarity – the air is clean up there he said and you can see for miles and all the peaks he said dreamily.

Guess we have to climb the mountain.


Noting – When the air is thin with higher altitude, you just have to breathe more deeply – it’s yoga:)

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