In the Hustle & Bustle, finding that field, that mat

in that corner facing the window from where  we can look out the window.  To see that landscape of glistening fields and vast endless sky imbued with brilliant coral blots and splash   …care to join the practice to swoon and bloom ?


“And you – what of

your rushed and useful life?

Imagine setting it all down

– everything –

leaving only a note:

“Gone to the fields to be lovely.

Be back when I’m through blooming.”

– Lynn Ungar

Sweet:)  Let’s get lovely to feel … lovely !



I know for many, things may not be so lovely.

I know there are losses,

so much pain and suffering in this world; in our lives.

I know but we cannot let that weigh us down.

We live with that reality of dualism so all the more, we need to strengthen our resolve to

be resilient  and yet porous, open, accepting … with degree of flexibility …for creativity …for that inner child to resurface for some … fun, some humor in spite of what gets us down.  Yoga helps you to calibrate that balance … orchestrate that … harmony within.

It’s okay – we can be serious; then, we can also be silly.  It’s okay.

Feeling dull, lethargic … like a sloth?  Get the sun, perhaps try a bridge or a wheel on a tree trunk … Urdhva Dhanurasana pose strengthens so many body parts but also stimulates the thyroid and pituitary glands.  Thereby, you feel clear, crisp and sharp upon coming out to either go into child’s pose or … fish … it’s a natural rush. To be fully awake but calmly so. ( In deeper poses such as this, always warm up to it – it’s not an Instagram – it’s a practice so there are preparation poses to warm up to it to get to what might be more of a challenge.)

SFO is lit up !

Winter Solstice is approaching – this Friday, the 21st  – we celebrate the longest night where the darkness brings out more luminescence to  that light brightening our path.






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