Noticing the bloom

Sakura – Cherry Blossoms are starting to flower 

Time to celebrate 🙂  Birthdays …Thank you for the homemade fruit tart – Beautiful design of fruits celebrating the abundance of colors and fresh flavors.  

Tulip blooming

Sakura Mochi for coming of Spring …

This is Starbucks Tokyo window this March … just to look at to get ideas is enough for me.

& time to reconnect with friends we miss.  Indulging, making exceptions to the usual no sugar diet … and oddly? no weight gain ?  It’s about the metabolism and portion control when you are yoga-ing more and more.

Spring Yin Yoga – focus on cleansing and renewal – Element is Wood – Internal Organs to stimulate and care are Liver and Gallbladders – the rivers within you are no longer stagnant, taking the time to practice the sequence designed to awaken and renew.

Spring is Here.

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