International Smorgasbord

That’s Tokyo. The city seems to be getting ready to host the 2020 summer Olympics and one thing that’s for sure is that no athletes or staff or spectators are going to go hungry. Or not have enough culinary options – here I cite typical ramen, Indian, Egyptian, and of course, American…Shake Shack!? Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, omnivore … it’s all available from all regions of the world.  It is truly an international city with the Old & the New; East and West fusion all around.

Yoga for athletes? What would that look like?

That would depend on the sports but would be interesting to explore … as a good warm up or conditioning or as much needed resilience to not break under pressure. That last skill is something we can all use –  A world-class athlete or not, to have that skill to better manage stress; to use stress for its positive effects rather than stew in its negative effects.

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