To the Beach

What to do when work’s done, deadlines met, responsibilities fulfilled?

What do you do when you were in a survival mode to “get the job done”!?

& it’s finally … done?

Yes, to the beach …

To breathe, to re-calibrate, to fill up with fresh air, running between the waves, smelling the salty ocean, the surf, overlooking the horizon where the ocean blue meets the sky blue …where clouds move and shift as waves gather and crash onto the sands …

breathe in fresh ocean scented air … breathe out staleness and fatigue, re-calibrating that balance, we owe to ourselves to renew.  There’s resurgence of … energy and upon leaving the beach, feeling so much

*** Gratitude ***

Yesterday, there’s was sense of imbalance (literally feeling vertigo due to my inner ear tubes impacted by hot air and air travels … fixed), today there’s the sense of being whole and well. Physical discomforts negatively impacts our mental and spiritual state.  It’s not all state of mind – it’s all connected.  That’s why yoga feels so good … and here, it’s Doga:)

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