Corona Fatigue is Real

As much as leaves turning colors and falling to the earth, just as much as a little cold nip we start feeling in the air … Autumn is coming … & it’s been about 7 months, recalling vaguely that some leader talked about “IT” just “disappearing” or that summer season’s heat will just solve the problem and the school opening is … what alternative reality does he live in? This King has no clothes on. King? Yes, because he does not value nor fortify our democracy.

Positive thinking and not wanting to cause panic among the citizens – let’s dumb us down more (if done right, there would have been no panic- isn’t that the job of that position to properly deal with national crisis in public health without causing a panic?) is one thing BUT facing reality squarely to problem-solve while accepting the facts and expertise of professionals, accepting responsiblities and duty to serve – would have brought about a different today – a safer and shorter duration of incessent anxieties, losses and … PAIN. Now the economy seems to limp along …

They told us the Fall was coming. They said that infection rate was going to go up in the Fall. This Virus is not done with us. This attitude of complacency or covid fatigue – “I’m tired of dealing with the virus” – The virus isn’t tired of dealing with you. It’s alive and it’s well and it’s spreading.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

All this could have been prevented as it’s come to light someone who could have made that difference knew about the onset of this virus way before any one of us c – or was he not listening with care, crucial briefing on a public health issue by the experts and intelligence reports ? Way back in the beginning of this year? Even a mere regular person just returning from a “clean”, at the time unaffected country of Japan was freaking out and scared to death before an are travel and donned masks and took all possible measures to protect myself getting on board a flight. The news about cruise ship that sought refuge in Yokohama port got me the creeps. One would think something would be done about it – to nip it int he bud while there was still that chance – Like had these exemplary countries lead by amazing leaders- look at New Zealand; look at Taiwan … But afraid to cause a panic so pretend it’s like a flu that poof – disappears into magic?

Anyway, we have to deal with this predicament we got ourselves into – no choice now but to follow all the CDC guildlines even if you yourself just feel fine and vibrant and radiant and healthy and virus-free – still you can be a carrier – AND we need to take care of our spirit – our mental health. Are we not getting more anxiuos and depressed as this wears on our nervous system and the whole outlook? The fear? The constant vigilance? Wears us down so here’s a proposal.

A yoga practice that restores and replenishes us everyday; it’s not the Pre-Covid times yoga – it’s yoga just for this particular period or beyond … What does that look like? Let’s explore.

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The Intention: Thousand Cranes

Not sure 700 more origami Tsuru can be created in time.

Praying America is filled with intelligent and decent people who has deep sense of integrity. It’s now more apparent and obvious that over 200,000 lives lost to Covid was due to lack of adequate healthcare. Does it not bother our conscience that those who lack privilege and wealth, even for majority leading a basic middle class life, not having that super-charged healthcare afforded our leader – that inequity – results in staggering death toll. The sad truth, someone in the big white house has demonstrated last 2 weeks. If you are in middle class, you do not have access to what the top 1-2% have access to; which is the 5-stars A+ healthcare. Those with access to the best doctors and best medicine appears to survive this virus, artificially rebooted with steroids – but for the rest? for the regular folks? All we have are – the common sense cold prevention – i.e., – Just wear masks and wash hands and social distance while that guidance is not followed by those we are supposed to look up to. One man thrives – while infecting over those around him – who knows what contact tracing they’ve done – Proving the sad revelation that those who don’t have that high level access to healthcare … are exposed to far greater risks and may even perish – and he appears to brag about that. Greed and power must be so blinding and corrupting … so hoping that most decent intelligent people will know what’s needed – a landslide victory which really is to save all of us … the economy, world peace and our health.

I have to believe America is filled with intelligent and decent people with deep sense of integrity and justice. And that they VOTE !


Crutches Art?

Crutches Art can be quite whimsical – 2020 just keeps ravaging on.

Ironically this proves how Yoga is one of the most ideal practice to hold onto – yes, we need Balance, Strength, and Flexibility. This predicament proves how just couple of days of not doing serious yoga home practice has led to this accident – as yoga culivates proprioception, our body awareness vis-a-vis all the obstacles around us these days – when we have to scurry around like hamsters in grocery isles to give each other that “social distance”, when a small mindless task now takes sooo long and arduous. So exhausting and time-consuming but yes, it beats the risks of getting infected. Also, on a practical side, yoga just requires such small space – a plot of earth or a mat – a tree or a wall would be nice – basically, you can do it anywhere without an equipment – Just need your mind and body, that’s all … and the rest follows. You can get a Cardio workout out of yoga if that’s what’s desired – it’s not just for stretching – if you incorporate the flow, you can get a bit more vigorous if that’s what you seek – or slow it down for a more soothing, tender, softening practice – there’s this huge wide spectrum that we can dial up and dial down to. Your heart-rate and your breathe – we are enpowered to access. It’s a beautiful life long practice – Hightly Recommended !


Those of us “fortunate” enough to have remote work may realize all the sitting and lounging while on screen can be weakening our muscles and connective tissues. Walks and Runs are nice but watch out for repetitive motion stress when our muscles and connective tissues/fascia are not intelligently engaged – When one is cooped up due to Spare the Air days, we are so excited to rush out to breathe the GREEN CODED good Air Quality Index air, right? But then … without daily YOGA or proper Warm-Up stretching, we are vulnerable to injuries if we suddenly jump out, unleasing our pent-up energy, ramp up to pre-Covid regimen. This is what happens when someone who does daily fitness ritual goes cold turkey for about 10 days due to family emergency and then … gets back to the active life. Accidents happen …

There’s still so many yoga you can do with a little injury – all the floor based, sitting and supine poses – we can still move dynamically with the breathe and engage our core. I am not giving up. It’s all possible – we just have to think more and negotiate with our body, lovingly with acceptance.

We all have a powerful healer within aided by the best medicine … that of time and patience.

(and kind MD and PT, always valued and appreicated:)