– Humans have about 40million olfactory receptors allowing estimated 10,000 different smells identifications.

– Dogs have 20 times more olfactory receptor cells than humans.

– The nerve pathway between the nose and the brain travels through the Limbic system.

* So the inquisitive will wonder what is the limbic system – it’s a part of our brain that controls our emotions and drives.  Olfactory pathways connects to the limbic system directly to affect our emotions and desires.   Most effective for Kapha types stewing or stuck in their inertia … depending on the scents selected.  Some for Pitta to find solace in what cools them;  for Vatta to be more grounded – musky earthy scents. All brings out of the habitual patterns that does not serve us to pave the way for … full engagements, full contentiousness at a  multi-faceted dimensions.


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