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Tsukiji Honganji Temple lights up !

I am going back to this space soon … Grateful for the freedom and for the understanding family who sees the value in taking care of another more vulnerable. One must advocate for the vulnerable, and be their voice if they are feeling powerless and lonely.

It is not called a sacrifice if one does not resent that effort. What kind of a mother for example regrets being there for her child. The care you give them today will return in multi-folds and besides, itsn’t it about giving or devoting your energies without expecting a return.

So it is the same with role reversals. Only this time there is no return other than that conscience wanting nothing more than life of no regrets.

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Noriko Ibaragi poem

二人のコック  Two Chefs

憎しみが If a dash of hatred can be

愛の貴重なスパイスなら much valued spice to love

それが少々足りなかった 二人のコックの調理には that spice was a bit lacking in their menu

so that

こくのあるポタージュにはならず their cooking did not yield creamy rich potage

二十五年かかって澄んだコンソメスープになりました rather, clear consomme soup after a span of 25 years

でも 嘯(うそぶ)きましょう Prenting as though to not know, blowing on a spoonful of hot soup

おいしいコンソメのほうが はるかに難しい Making a delicious consomme is far challenging

そのつくりかたに関してはと As far as making of it is concerned

Noriko Ibaragi

She lost her life’s partner when she was 48.

Dosa night full of spice here … no consomme tonight !
Beautiful People

Hooked on Noriko Ibaragi’s Poem


急がなくてはなりません I must hurry

静かに Quietly

急がなくてはなりません I must hurry

感情を整えて Preparing my heart, organizing thoughts and feelings

あなたのもとへ I return to you

急がなくてはなりません I must hurry

あなたのかたわらで眠ること To lie down besides you

ふたたび目覚めない眠りを眠ること To again slip into that sleep never waking

それがわたくしたちの成就です we are meant for that fulfillment

辿る目的地のある ありがたさ Grateful for this journey with that destination

ゆっくりと Slowly

急いでいます I hurry

Noriko Ibaragi

The editor reports that Ibaragi would say quietly, she’s had a enough of a full life and wanted to die … after the passing of her husband. In grief she wrote 39 poems dedicated to her husband and asked that the poems not be published … until she’s passed on. The 39 poems were published on February 17, one year anniversary of the poet’s passing, 2007.