Spring Cleaning Time around the corner

Further from the truth, I was a bit embarrassed that a student from India in my class once exclaimed “I have to tell my (someone she wants to bring to this class – honored), I found my KonMari!”.  Ironically, however, the blankets, straps and blocks used in class find a way to snarl into a bit of entropy … while more advance students are adhering to mindfulness in real practice by putting away the props neatly with care, others are … reverting back to that “rushing” busy-busy scarcity auto-pilot me-matters-most mode, where the TO DO YOGA box is checked off; as they hurry out into the night.  Mindless acts have consequences. 

New Moon time is about ORGANIZING, sowing those seeds of possibilities and intentions rather than just dreaming — It’s actually not dreamy at all, but disciplined, maybe even a bit stoic …in our practice of daily dealings, our approach to our relationships with people and things.

It’s time to find ORDER, PATTERNS and a PATH in the chaos.  Sadly, there was no mindfulness in the way props are mindlessly thrown into disarray.  

Notice how the book binding is chewed up by our “rescue” dog … Fun “magic” of having a puppy:)

I knew I found a special teacher way back when when Judith H. Lasater recommended this book above (way before Netflix series).  She taught various ways to fold the yoga blankets to perfectly support our body, in that, it’s a bit of Origami – it’s a bit of … yes, art:)  I realize for some who glorify the speedy and anything-will-do-way, this way might present as OCD-ish but give it a try. The way of order found in “Tadasana” folds can actually yield to less cluttered life and mind.  The neck roll made with blankets under our head is …heavenly.  And once unrolled, the blankets have a place to go – neatly stacked, welcoming next flock of students reaching for them.

It feels so GOOD when things are put away where they belong with loving folds and care.  There was a book I recall – titled, “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten”  Wonder if it’s still in publication… Sometimes we need to relearn and refresh.  Spring is coming … what seems like even a minute shift in our mindset IS life changing.  When our rigid mind thaws, our intentions or”Sankalpa” are set in the first new moon of the year really has the chance to sprout like seeds and bloom into manifestations, “unfolding” ways most unexpected. 

We don’t use the body to get into a pose

We use the pose to get into the body.

– Bernie Clark

To embody; to drop in … it’s … yummy:)