Autumn Yin Yoga

is a practice infused with golden undertones – not the sunny yellow gold of the summer heat but that coffee-orange-red-golden shades of the leaves turning colors and tables abundant with squash, lotus, pumpkins and all the nourishment of root vegetables  – it’s metallic in the 5-elements theory of the Universe and Kampo medicine.  In Japanese/Chinese character, Autumn 秋 is elementally 金 while translated Metal, really the literal translation is GOLD not just any metal but you see, the significance is that it’s GOLD. Sprawled on this earth, giving into gravity, melting like golden honey … In it’s richness and warmth lies its value  … It’s a precious golden time for our body and mind to properly prepare for the winter months.

From Japanese/Chinese meridian standpoint is that of a yin yang pair of lungs (yin) and large intestine (yang) we focus on most. While actual acupuncture treatment would serve well, to complement or/and to self administer, yin sequencing is super delicious- done mindfully at sunset and dawn, even more effective…at twilight as we transition from Yang of a day into the Yin phase of dark night slowly unfolding … darkness envelopes our evenings earlier as day light savings clock readjusts to this spicy season of … Harvest.  Spring Forward … Autumn fall back as we regain one hour more … time we can devote to yoga and other mindfulness practices of self-care filled with compassion and self-listening.  Let the golden hues slowly seep into our connective tissues without over-loading the joints.  Slow, deep and yet, fully supported to create the ultimate experience of being so … grounded.  I love this practice.