“Keep Tahoe Blue”

Lake Tahoe beyond the trees …

Harvested some sage and used for Lemon Sage Cream sauce… they just grow wildly around the cabin.  Walked around to harvest some edible herbs that gets overlooked as just shrubs … Sage is a find:)

A nice cove … crystal clear water … hope that stays.  It’s beautiful. My photo taking does not do justice but far yonder, you see the snow capped Sierra mountains in the backdrop which seems to surround the lake and the clear blue waters shimmering …

The Independence Day fireworks at Incline – hard to capture the sights and sound with this phone camera but here it is… an attempt … a bit hidden by the tress as we could not get to the waterfront with all the people.

*** SO ***

Yoga after a 5 hour drive is so very helpful.  (usually about 3.5 hours? but quite the traffic, taking 5-7 hours due to the holiday).

Introducing “Yoga after a Long Drive”, lol:)

Actually – One of my former teachers from my SRI Yoga School, Jean Mezzei (gone on to even bigger things – teaching to reach wider audience – churning out online teaching with Yoga International is a … wow, impressive … proud that she was my 200 hrs. teacher when she was not so famous, lol:) has a good one on Yoga International.  Please look up her “Yoga for Travelers”.  Let’s share this in a class – in a community.  Practicing solo is nice but … a group vibe is another kind of nice.  We need both.