Clearing the obstructions

Whether you believe in the Chakra system or not, understanding that imbalance is when your body, mind and your spirit is perhaps taken over by toxins and impurities that does not allow for free flow of ENERGY.  Some of our yoga practice allows the opening of blockages and narrowing of paths and nadis and/or meridians to clear … restoring our energy to increase for our optimal health. For that to happen, we need our mind to be fully conscious and clear;  dualities embraced, all emotions are accepted in which negative emotions are not denied but worked through, our body to rediscover and harness that innate energy; and connect with the source inside and out. It’s work.   It takes … practice.

And then, only then, we can find that pure child like JOY that’s birthright for each of us who did the work of clearing.  That work of clearing, cleansing, de-cluttering, and cleaning out to find that sparkle  … that’s the spark – the yoga I hope to share.