Let’s get on the floor & Chaturanga Dandasana :)

Yin practice keeps us limber, flexible and buoyant.  Through the practice we can again find space in re-calibrating the heart rate variability.  Yang practice strengthens and pumps our heart. In balancing the two seeming opposites, we find our center – the equilibrium.  Your practice will keep changing and it’s that sophisticated wise student who knows how to adjust the practice.  How we adjust modify and challenge still demonstrates the kind of yoga student we truly are – are we driven by intention of self-care and compassion  … or … that of ego and fear …

Having seen the documentary film “RBG” on the flight, I highly recommend that all women and all men who have daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, see this documentary.  Sometimes we just take things for granted not realizing that many of these rights we think is just a given today were bitterly fought for by those who came before us.  Those rights were not just handed over; they were fought and won over.

At “Mid-Sentence” exhibition …

From the Capital Building 

At this time when woman’s rights and intelligence and wisdom over their own fate seems to be precarious, it’s inspiring to see these heroic women who brought about the change with the steps they took.  Then, there’s the first African American president’s portrait that was so different – a standout – from all the other portraits except Kennedy’s being just as different in terms of being a departure from a typical portrait paintings.

Portraits of transformative change-makers are always a thrill to see.


My Kind of Place

When “love” itself come to kiss you – don’t hold back !


These flags “Relax & Stay Awhile” with the Yogini is all over  lining the street right in front of a school yard – I LOVE this place !

Insomnia Cookies spotted here too – last time, spotted in NYC … Last thing you want to do is eat a cookie when you suffer from Insomnia – try some yoga instead.