Exhibit at Asian Art Museum

Worth a look.  Really wanted to see the India and Persia (yes Persia is Asia) floor but this time third floor is closed off due to expansion construction – a dramatic transformation in the works, generously funded by Jerry Yang and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki:)  The place is going to have outdoor terrace with sculptures and possibly nibbles according to our excited docent.  (Thank you Joy for a thoughtful gift. )

We had a docent led tour of China, Korea and Japan sections of second floor.  While it was a very very super abbreviated overview, it struck a chord with me when the docent said the following:

“Japanese finds beauty in imperfections”

referring to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

That relates to the idea of striking a balance that’s not necessarily perfect or symmetrical  – while there’s striving and pursuit of perfections and precision(YANG), there’s greater appreciation for the fleeting nature of our conditions (YIN) in Japanese aesthetics, especially in the Tea Ceremony/Ritual teachings (which actually is a meditation practice or pre-meditation practice … yes, Match has caffeine content).

When it comes to technology, there’s obsession over precision and accuracy but as with Fuzzy Logic & Technology, there’s so much clarity when we come out of the fuzziness.  The exhibit fueled my sense of creativity of all the kimono that lays dormant, wrapped in moth balls … maybe there needs for renewal emptying out the clutter and taking – a fresh look at things that’s old and forgotten.

And bringing them to LIFE … Both active and especially a more quiet practice of yoga is like that … we are cleansed, purified and renewed:)  What’s old is new again; once we empty out the clutter and keep only the most precious, we see the value of things.

All Gratitude …

I love this escalator because it reminds me of subways in Tokyo:)


Yes, Rainbow Grocery store is THE BEST.  I am so relieved it’s still here as so many old establishments are torn down and replaced with franchises and national brands these days.  This place reminds me of Berkeley days coop stores (recall, Cheese Board) and in fact, I lived in a Co-op housing (south-side of campus) as a kitchen manager (job description?  Cooking for the residents and/or getting the cooks for all shifts and sourcing the ingredients from Central Kitchen (northside of campus) or elsewhere – recall walking across campus with a huge commercial size block of cheddar cheese as it missed the delivery target) during Cal days so … my love for coop operation (worker owned cooperative) is still alive. Not very often I make it here but I was in heaven in these isles, marveling at the choices.  Call me a hippie, I LOVE this place.  It’s a magical place …for me.

Came to purchase some Amaranth but walked away with a bit more than I came here for … Inspired by my yogini friend, I will use Amaranth for … ? what? Came upon some recipes?  After testing, will share:)


Noticing the bloom

Sakura – Cherry Blossoms are starting to flower 

Time to celebrate 🙂  Birthdays …Thank you for the homemade fruit tart – Beautiful design of fruits celebrating the abundance of colors and fresh flavors.  

Tulip blooming

Sakura Mochi for coming of Spring …

This is Starbucks Tokyo window this March … just to look at to get ideas is enough for me.

& time to reconnect with friends we miss.  Indulging, making exceptions to the usual no sugar diet … and oddly? no weight gain ?  It’s about the metabolism and portion control when you are yoga-ing more and more.

Spring Yin Yoga – focus on cleansing and renewal – Element is Wood – Internal Organs to stimulate and care are Liver and Gallbladders – the rivers within you are no longer stagnant, taking the time to practice the sequence designed to awaken and renew.

Spring is Here.