Sounds & Light after Tea

Brainstorm is like swirls of ideas floating in the brain … Like the green tea leaves,  the swirls settles to the bottom and the essence of leaves the green liquid is there to pour … a cup that brings on clarity and sounds and lights that gives creativity juices to flow … into areas that were once dry, brittle and thus, rigid and hardened.  So many of us are living with the sense of shortages, limitations, rationing, bound to time-crunch; the sense of there being not enough time, not enough energy, not enough care … not enough, not enough … How about not enough years to dwell on such things – so stop what you are doing, and just be.  Then, take a deep breath … then really question – what do we not have enough of ? Make a list – then make another list – what do we have enough of; what are we thankful for … It not be a huge list; even just 3 to 5.  That’s ENOUGH.

While we need to exercise to strengthen our muscles – Yang – and elevate our heart and respiratory rate to build stamina and endurance; BUT we also need to stretch and lengthen as well as relax for heart health and balance for our nervous system to spur sense of wellness – so more of a Yin practice.  How can you get the benefits of both halves without having to spend hours which we don’t have each day.  For average person, if you can practice yoga once a week, that’s quite good, twice, then it’s wonderful and if three times or more, you are lucky; if you can practice everyday, you are SUPER lucky or/and a … professor, contractor, or … a yoga teacher. Haha. Whatever the frequency, with any yoga,  your body and mind will thank you.

While my ideal class is 90 minutes, as we head into shorter days of holiday season, starting to think about real work/family balance life where self care is not sacrificed  – Coming up with just mere 60 minutes class that addresses both Yin and Yang needs for a wholesome session. It can be a blend, a hybrid class to get the best mileage for the refueling we do on the mat. As we learned in our Yoga Therapy 800 hrs. training, we don’t have hours and hours; nor do we have all the techniques and tools of yoga in just one class – so HOW TO DISTILL the benefits of yoga in highly concentrated 60 minutes. I guess that’s what Bikram did but now, in different styles and with or without heat … as not all spaces are equipped with heat …

Thinking; practicing and going over my past training materials … and coming to this place of gratitude.  There are so many excellent devoted teachers all around and amongst us – I was blessed to have learned from so many masters.  If just any one of the learning sticks, then, that’s … enough.

November is definitely a month dedicated to the blessing of “gratitude”.

Eye popping expensive but wish oh so wish I could tap drum away …



plural noun: adaptogens
(in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng.
While for me, Yoga is the most medicinal when practiced with full knowledge of how each pose, each technique provides health benefits, I am interested in all natural alternative medicines that gives us natural energy, stress management and nourishment.
So I will be studying some of the adaptogens that are available to most of us readily … and some exotic ones probably not known too well here but a common household herb in Japanese medicine cabinet.  It’s fascinating how each culture, each region of the world have their own plant medicine to optimize our well-being.  Coupled with regular yoga practice, we may all benefit from these natural herbs … which also enhances the depth of flavors in our cooking.  It’s so good.

Ketogenic Menu Plan being Pescatarian

Exploring ways to be on Keto diet while staying Pescatarian …Keto is diversely the opposite of Macrobiotic foods – but are they really total opposites? Let us explore…

Can you be on a Ketogenic “Diet” when you are avoiding animal meat and is a Pescatarian?  YES !   But important that it be just 3-4 weeks max and then modulate back to wise well balanced meal plan, slowly re-introducing healthy carbs.  Trying out something new for my body lab – Minus 3 lbs in a week to see when I will hit the plateau then I will heed the body’s message to go slow and easy.  Finding that equilibrium state where you have energy, but not in anyway hyper, strained or too revved up and agitated state of exercise euphoria.

Gradual weight loss each week of two pounds with gentle yoga + meditation, 30 min daily cardio and quality sleep.  No crash diets … is it really possible?

Will record the journey:) with some photos to follow  … baking some protein packed energy bars to prepare for the upcoming action packed week 🙂