Heath Ceramics

Made in USA, right here in California- so earthy, as with late summer, we engage in earthy practices.  Here, grey clay to start off with … with craftsmanship, this grey matter will transform into beautiful earthenware with different shapes, forms colors, shades, hues … uniform but each unique.

Playing tourists in our own backyard – Golden Bridge – Sausalito – Muir Woods – Marin – Mt. Shasta – what do out-of-town guests want to experience ?  What’s home-grown; nature – nature – nature.  Sadly Yosemite topping the list – so affected by all the fires in Northern California but Northern California has much to offer still.

May all the heat subside as we welcome some cooling trends this New Moon week …blending the movements with stillness to deepen our hues, shades for better luster and shine – talking about our body and soul now.  Namaste:)