Love This – so inspiring ! “Arthur”

I might have posted this before but at last weekend at Niroga’s Yoga Therapists Teacher Training (completed ! will be certified as a therapist soon – so exciting !), one of the cohorts wanted to name our fictionary client as “Arthur” in our Yoga for Addiction module.  That name brought me back thinking about this particular “Arthur” … from Utube – Diamond Dallas promo.

“Just because I can’t do it today doesn’t me I can’t do it someday”. – keep up the practice !

& Look into Veterans Yoga Project in your local community !

I don’t have DDP’s 6-pack chest and tattoos but I too have that same same human heart and hope to be that one yoga teacher who does not turn anyone away.  There’s that right yoga protocol for everyone at each stage of their life – it’s a constant progression and a refinement even if you are doing the same pose – over time, it’s a process towards full expression of your own “signature” pose.