Zabars – New York !

Recalling the words of a macrobiotic teacher who said that it’s about intentions that affects how we digest our foods (I would add emotions, past stories, so called “baggage”) – if we eat with joy and gratitude and think about ways fueling our body will lead to acts of greater service then even some so called SAD or junk foods can be the most nutritious ; and you could be eating the purest most nutritious “good” foods – so called super-foods but if you are eating with lack of appreciation for the bounty, feeling deprived somehow  … then … it can be toxic.  What we take in and digest that stirs up fond memories of loving relationships are all … good.

California roll even in New York !

Jewish Deli

Used to have a “starving artist” of a friend trying to make it in this big city living in East Village area so I sort of know East Village area having stayed there (bless her soul) but …staying in Upper West side is first time for me … Opened in 1908, apparently this place is an institution…  Seinfeld has been spotted and maybe that explains, wow, so expensive – $17 for just a sandwich?  as I in shock pull out a 20 over a chaotic counter where the cash register sits with mess of checks covering the surface in disarray.  It’s charming …how the waiter yells with that New York accent for a change to a guy who sits at the cash register … In some ways, this scene (without the yelling) reminded me of a Soba shop in Tokyo where an old lady, the 4-5th generation owner’s mom basically is entrusted with handling of money – sits there like a fixture.  Rumor has it that she’s in her 90’s but quite spry and full of vitality:)

This place is packed – it’s Sunday morning …

I realized I was doing this wrong as I saw the dishes on the patrons’ tables – best to order several deli items a la carte and have toasted bagels to spread them on – share with a friend or two for best assortment while you save some money …

As always, sharing is the best way to go …

Manhattan signs


There are a lot of stressed out and sleep deprived people in this super stimulating City that probably never truly sleeps.  No wonder yoga works here.  There’s a need.

We all have that need to find relief of relaxation and peace that comes from within.

Yoga over cookies – give yoga a try from 3am and then you won’t have unhealthy cravings nor … insomnia.