Olympics watching after … Yoga

Teaching (I’m just a Sherpa to hold space for safety and guiding along their journey) Sunday yoga at 4:15 is so well timed.  It’s that time dedicated to dealing with the reality of weekend coming to an end and preparing for the start of the week, Monday tomorrow.  Monday to some is dreaded, for some, it’s welcomed, for some, it’s an ambivalence that fluctuates from week to week.  For 75 minutes, purely for self-care, those thoughts, to-do lists, the plans and schedules are left off the mat.  Came home to very light family dinner and to watch figure skating & ice dancing.  Beautiful.

Yuzuru Hanyu to watch out for … Men’s Gold Medalist from 4 years trying to hang on despite a serious right ankle not tendon but ligament injury rumored  … So superhuman that all these skaters (okay, only a few) are nailing quad spins  – I mean, how is that humanly possible without the wear and tear on your joints.  As I thought this, it turns out, it’s very very tough.   It is said when they land on ice after the high jump spins, they sustain 4, 5x their body weight impact.  So imagine, 500+ lbs onto your hips, knees and ankles.  Plus those joints need flexibility (yes, synovial fluids can’t dry up! Can’t be dry and brittle for those smooth graceful fluid movements) as well as the strength.

It is understandable that his passion takes a toll over the years so I suppose, age 23 would be considered a “senior” in such an intense world.   Still, it is crazy that he is made to feel like he’s over the hill after age 20.  Age 23 is quite the senior apparently when the “senior” division starts out at age 15 or younger.  When you see him falling and getting up over and over again – 60 times during one practice (NHK documentar), it’s no longer just about your mind and your will.  Your body may just not cooperate anymore.

So there’s a suspense waiting his appearance as he had gone into hiding, out of public eyes after his last injury that got him hobbling on crutches. Is he all fixed?

In wonder and anticipation all the more, Olympics is inspiring. Especially when you see someone who overcomes limitations and challenges.  Which I hope he does.

If you thought yogis are contortionist, this tops any yogi.  Amazing skater…there’s balance, speed, flexibility, strength, grace and breathtaking … beauty.  Beauty of that very moment.  He has since sustained an ankle injury speculated due to punishing practice to perfect quad spins that took a toll on his body.

& here in Gassho or Anjali mudra … under the biggest pressure, he seems to always carry that air of that special … calm. Intensely focused but … relaxed in a sense of truly embodying his body and mind. He’s in his own bubble of zen … and every hand movement is a choreographed and intentional mudra, if not the whole body.

I’ve read that he practices something likened to yoga to strengthen his mental resilience more than for the physical benefits – and … it shows.