Subway stairs in Tokyo

Gym is just part of getting from Pt A to Pt B:)
Caloric count shown on this old fashion “stair master”. This flight of steps
burns off my morning toast? A LOT of stairs in this country – up and down all day long where it’s your own legs that takes you everywhere. So different from stepping into a car and driving everywhere in California. Life in the city is … lots of walks, 10,000 steps a day is an easy quota to clear.

Lost & Found

It’s about a mat, that is, a yoga mat; not about a person:)

A bit miffed that my most traveled yoga mat is missing. I have gone to lost and found and … nothing. Several places. This is the second time in … 5 years? Last one was my favorite purple one and now …

It was a wine red Jade mat that I received a 20% discount on as a teacher at a studio I taught couple of years ago. To be honest, more than the mat, I am upset about losing the mat cover – the mat, sure, it’s a loss but it’s more the mat bag that was hand made by one of my students – that’s what I am a bit sad about.

Tonight though, after teaching the Sunday evening class, I had an epiphany. Hoping now that someone is getting good use of my mat and enjoying how the color of the mat so matches the cranberry colors off the green on the bag. If it’s bringing some joy for that individual – It’s okay. I let go. As my mother used to say “it’s maybe a blessing in disguise”. Really, mom?

So now, I am researching and of course, looking for a discount. Up until now, I had lapsed renewing my Yoga Alliance registry but … I am renewing it at 200 hrs. and then adding the 300 hrs. (it’s really 400 hrs.) to upgrade to 500 hrs. Something I should have done early last year, when I first got the 500 + hrs. certificate. I hadn’t as it’s not as though I am marketing with my credentials but … it’s way past due. Hating the data entry and record keeping part, I had not really entered the needed info for hours as I have logged all these hours training and teaching but … I should. So taking stock, going over the log, doing it a bit by bit. Losing the mat prompted to do what was something way over due.

As I had no need to purchase anything, I had not cared but now …
it’s finally the time to use the 50% discounts for PrAna brand or 40% discounts for Jade and Manduka brands ! Had I not lost that mat, I never would have really explored these perks.

Only thing left is to go back to that student to see if she still has more mat bags she’s sewn and this time, I can contribute to the economy by actually paying for the bag – the least I can do to thank her for the past gift.

Will report back on which yoga mat, this time. Here are the brands being explored:

Of course –
Hugger Mugger
PrAna – they sell mats too?
and I just discovered:

Bold Mats
Dragonfly Mats

Hope to go over some of the choices out there and how you may decide on which mat may best serve you.