Still @ Tokyo

This district of Tokyo is lit up by the Tower. For the Tower’s 60th anniversary which will commence December 2018, renovation works is underway for the Special Observatory at 250m, and Main Observatory at 150m height. I hear that the special observatory will have a mirror prism-like panaling where the tower will shine bright like sparkles of “diamonds” – to be ready for the 2020 Olympics the City is scheduled to host.

In the past, I never had any interest visiting the Tower, even when I lived in Tokyo thinking what a tourist trap it must be. Well, it is. But, whenever I saw the red glow, I always felt this sense of … coming home. The red glowing tower is an easy view from my mother’s place and … it was looming as a view from a window when she spent a month or so in this certain hospital nearby few summers ago. I know for most Japanese, Mt. Fuji is the symbol of their love for their country but for me … it’s Tokyo Tower that invites me back to the sense of the vibrancy of that city and quirkiness of this City and some of its residents. San Francisco-Bay Area being the 90th largest metropolitan area of the world vs. Tokyo being THE largest metropolitan area of the world, it’s just a brief little bite of a place I am taking as I visit my mother again in this City that is so multi-faceted. I love the vibe of this place. Here’s the data.

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Meditation is not a matter of trying to achieve ecstasy, spiritual bliss, or tranquility,
nor is it attempting to be a better person.
It is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games,
our self-deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes.
– Chogyam Trungpa