Today is 9 – 11

Each and everyday of our lives is a gift.

Today we honor those who lost their lives needlessly. Today we have to wonder what brought about such violence to be unleashed against thousands of innocent people that day. Today we have to pray and hope for less unrest, suffering and more understanding, more peace. Let’s put everything into perspectives. In spite of it all, I still love New York for it’s vibrancy and resilience unique to that place.
(… and for their pizzas:) There’s no place like New York. @ Ground Zero you feel that even more. There’s profound grief there but also profound … power to overcome … to rise from the ashes, literally from the ashes and rubble, where this monument is erected. Indescribable energy pervades the place. It’s a vortex.

It’s BIG as in Big Apple and very thin but crusty, not for the thin skinned kind of a place. Am I being cheesy?

Actually it’s not too cheesy, NY pizzas and nor are New Yorkers with a wry urban sense of humor.

Huge slice, spills Off the plates, it’s BIG like the hearts of the generous, giving, and courageous people of New York.